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Elsa Bustamante holds a Master’s of Science in Management from Southern Wesleyan University and a Bachelors of Arts from Augusta University. She has been recognized both in the community and nationally with multiple awards for leadership and service. Founder of the Hispanic Business Alliance

The first step in creating your vision is to ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”  For most people the answer is simple – more money.  Secondly, and most importantly, you will need to ask yourself “How much more money do I want to make?”  Those two questions set the stage for where you want to build and what you are building from.  There are only two ways to have more money, either spend less or make more.  Making more seems to be the better option for most of us.


Whether your business is established within your home or operating in a commercial location, every dream begins with a vision.  Many startups can begin with low cost and with enough passion can eventually bring the desired revenue and return on investment. Having access to the right guidance and tools, you can properly nurture your ideas into profitable results.  


Hello, I’m Elsa Bustamante, founder of Precision Capital, LLC.  For many years I have been developing income generating opportunities

launching my ideas and strengthening my knowledge in business startup, non-profit formation, and business growth.  In 2006 while working as an HR Manager, I had to reassess my career options when the company I worked for unexpectedly shut down.  I leveraged my layoff through profit earned from my home-based business, ALANTRA Consulting Group, LLC, a provider of business support services to home-based and small businesses. While operating my own business, I accepted an opportunity of employment with Goodwill.  However, I never left my vision of entrepreneurship. In 2014 I re-branded my company to Precision Capital, LLC and successfully transitioned my home-based operation to an external operation.

Precision Capital, LLC was founded with the sole idea to help businesses focus on their vision to achieve profitable results.  I bring to you my expertise and business knowledge which has successfully led entrepreneurs through ideas, startup, survival, and growth transitions. As a business owner, I will provide you with practical knowledge in turning your VISION and PASSION into PROFIT.



BOOK RELEASE  - I am presently working on a book, VISION  PASSION  PROFIT, to provide entrepreneurs essential knowledge and tools to start a successful business.  The book incorporates best practices identified while interviewing over one hundred small businesses across the United States.  The book will be available in English and Spanish in winter of 2018.


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